Inside this tent, you can become anyone, even yourself.

The director will set up camp in different public spaces to interview amateur porn actors. All genders, sexual orientations, races, physical appearances etc. are welcome. The interview process will be documented in panoramic pixelation, 360 spatial audio and VR360 video form. The interviewee is free to choose which body parts they want shown and unpixellated, which is the opposite of traditional porn.  

The interview questions are not the typical ones that you hear in the opening of a porn video. The end goal is not the viewers' sexual arousal nor the interview result, but to discuss sex and its taboos and fantasies through this intimate process, and document the relationship between sex, body and power of different generations.

| Steps |

1. Make an appointment with Dick.

2. Fill out the application form.

3. Interview inside the tent.

4. Check your email in a week.

| Notices |

1. If you feel uncomfortable, please tell the interviewer.

2. Mosaic Full Screen. 

3. We’ll sign a contract to protect personal privacy.

4. This work is a part of D19 art projects. It may involve adult and controversial content.

In the VR environment, the viewer is invited to the amateur adult video interviews at different times and places. However, the story is fragmented, sometimes plunging viewers into the plot, sometimes breaking out of resonant reactions. This forces the audience to control the aesthetic experience, and re-examine the direct and violent pornographic visual experiences of the past.


The creator utilizes the recording feature of VR, allowing viewers to choose the viewing angle by changing their body posture, rather than the single point of view used by directors of traditional adult films. At the same time, it transforms the absolute power of past single-angle shooting and reinterprets the physical interactions between director, interviewee, and audience.


In addition, the audience's ears will be extended into different capsule tents. The 360 spatial audio enables the viewer’s body to exist between the director and the amateur, in the capsule tents of adult video interview sites in different times and dimensions.


Version 1.0


Taiwan Annual-avat
2019/08/31 - 09/08 , 13:00 - 19:00

Taipei Expo Park, Yuanshan Area | TAIPEI

Flame Hk Video Art Fair

2019/10/04 - 10/06

Ovolo Hotel Southside | HONG KONG

Free Art Fair

2019/12/06 - 12/08

Songshan Cultural Park | TAIPEI

Version 2.0

Coming soon