Inside this tent, you can become anyone, even yourself.

After the workshop My First Porn (Interview) , various amateur pornographic texts will be produced, further interpreted and then recorded as a podcast by the attendees at the exhibition. The offline participation is therefore extended to the online, and the audience become the pornographic dubbing specialists. They construct an erotic soundscape, shaped by their own pornographic experiences and influences.

| Steps |

1. Make an appointment with Dick.

2. Select an AV story.

3. Record 3D sound inside the tent.

4. You can dirty talk, moan, murmur, breathe, slap, ASMR…

| Notices |

1. If you feel uncomfortable, please tell the staff.

2. There is no rule. 

3. We’ll sign a contract to protect personal privacy.

4. This work is a part of D19 art projects. It may involve adult and controversial content.


Version 1.0


Taiwan Annual-avat
2020/09/12 - 09/20 , 11:00 - 19:00

Taipei Expo Park, Yuanshan Area | TAIPEI

Version 2.0

Coming soon