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We get photographers to document our lives' greatest moments: graduations, weddings, births, funerals. Why not sex? 

If bodies are media for stories, then sex is sharing those stories with each other.


2019/05/24 “ Taiwan becomes first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage “ It’s the day we show the world that #LoveWins. I began my intimate portrait project—not portraits of people or traditional wedding photography, but instead seeking to capture the various postures of “sex”: satisfaction, flirtation, emptiness, loneliness, remorse, longing, tranquility…. Before each photoshoot, we would first share our unforgettable sexual encounters or stories, with the person being photographed deciding which memories to disclose, and how it was to be recorded. This project has not been limited by sexual orientation, body shape, facial features, age…and so on. Capture the moment of every sex stories.

Create your sex moment?