"Sex is a wasteland, yet from this array of intimate encounters is the ego molded."


If bodies are media for stories, then sex is sharing those stories with each other.

The DICK19 Project focuses on themes of taboo, porn, and erotica. Its productions encompass different media, including VR, immersive theatre, sex portrait, participatory video art, and installation art.

By starting with intimate portraits, the artist’s focus was always on capturing the residual images of “sex”. Documenting different bodies, various fetishes, portraying naked relationships and stories between individuals, and expanding the aesthetics of sex through various themes. More recently, beyond “documentation”, there is also the “creation” of sexual experience. The artist has involved the porn industry, seeking the “erotic” within the “pornographic”. His works do not always take place in typical sites of art, but rather occur in the liminal space between porn and contemporary art, inviting spectators to be participants in the process of artistic creation, co-producers in the culture of the sex industry. Power dynamics are subverted from within, provoking a reassessment of the body, of carnal pleasure, and the aesthetics of sex.