"Sex is a wasteland, yet from this array of intimate encounters is the ego molded."


The DICK19 Project focuses on themes of taboo, porn, and erotica. Its productions encompass different media, including VR, immersive theatre, sex portraitures, participatory video art, and installation art.


By starting with intimate portraits, the artist’s focus was always on capturing the residual images of “sex”. Documenting different bodies, various fetishes, portraying naked relationships and stories between individuals, and expanding the aesthetics of sex through various themes.


More recently, beyond “documentation”, there is also the “creation” of sexual experience. The artist is involved the porn industry, seeking the “erotic” within the “pornographic”. Through a new approach towards reading raw desire, the artist intends for spectators to also partake in the sexual process, eliciting bodily experiences beyond the orgasm. His works do not always take place in typical sites of art, but rather occur in the liminal space between porn and contemporary art, inviting spectators to be participants in the process of artistic creation, co-producers in the culture of the sex industry. Power dynamics are subverted from within, provoking a reassessment of the body, of carnal pleasure, and the aesthetics of sex.


"Sex is a wasteland, yet from this array of intimate encounters is the ego molded."


2017~ / M.F.A.,Taipei National University of the Arts


2019 Free Art Fair , Jury Prize
2019 Kaleidoscope , New Visions Award
2019 Golden Harvest Awards , The Experimental Films of Students
2018 New Taipei City Student Film Awards , Best Experimental Film
2017 Sony RX Moments Instagram Competition , 1st
2016 Da Dun Fine Arts Awards , Quality Award
2016 Sony World Photography Awards , National Awards-Taiwan 2nd
2016 Kaohsiung Awards , Quality Award
2015 Free Art Fair , Grand Prix
2014 Golden Harvest Awards , Best Director of Students
2013 Croatian One-Minute Film Festival , Grand Prix


2019 Golden Harvest Awards
2018 New Taipei City Student Film Awards
2018 Lexus Film Festival
2015 Interfilm Berlin 31st International Short Film Festival
2015 Urban Nomad Film Festival
2015 Tainan Short Film Festival
2014 Golden Harvest Awards
2013 Croatian One Minute Film Festival


2019 Free Art Fair , Songshan Cultural Park , Taipei , Taiwan
2019 Relocating Divinity : Being An Atheist Theist , Waley Art , Taipei , Taiwan
2019 Flame Hk Video Art Fair , Hong Kong
2019 Taiwan Annual-avat , Expo Dome , Taipei , Taiwan
2019 Hacking.zip , Treasure Hill Artist Village , Taipei , Taiwan
2018 Artfuture , Hotel Proverbs Taipei , Taipei , Taiwan
2018 International Symposium Of Art And Technology , Tnua , Taipei , Taiwan
2018 Keelung Fine Arts Awards , Keelung Cultural Center , Keelung , Taiwan
2018 Video On The Phone , Hong-gah Museum , Taipei , Taiwan
2018 Outstanding New Media Art , Kuandu Museum Of Fine Arts , Taipei , Taiwan
2017 Re-die , Yiri Arts , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2017 Ham Extreme Art Exhibition , Ham Gallery , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2016 Ilan Fine Arts Awards , Ilan Museum Of Fine Arts , Ilan , Taiwan
2016 Da Dun Fine Arts Awards , Da Dun Museum Of Fine Arts , Taichung , Taiwan
2016 To : _______ , Richman Touch , Taipei , Taiwan
2016 Young Art Kaohsiung , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2016 Kaohsiung Awards , Kaohsiung Museum Of Fine Arts , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2015 Re-forget , Ham books , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
2015 Free Art Fair , Huashan1914 , Taipei , Taiwan
2015 Re-forget , Huashan1914 , Taipei , Taiwan
2015 Re-forget , Freedom Men Art Apartments , Taichung , Taiwan